About Us

Ayefresh is a Premium Meat Brand owned by Ayegrow Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company engaged in production and marketing of meat and meat products derived from selected animals and poultry like buffalo, goat, chicken etc. Ayefresh products have unmatched quality standards because of our unique methods of procurement, manufacturing and distribution. To ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry we and our suppliers adhere to comprehensive quality standards.

The freshest of meat and poultry are gathered to gain consistent quality. The products are processed in our modern meat factory located at Vadavucode in Ernakulam, Kerala. Meat and poultry are processed under hygienic conditions and strict supervision of known experts in the meat industry. We also ensure strict veterinary supervision at all times.

Why Choose Us

We hold fssai licence and valid licences from the agencies concerned and other approvals from the State Government and Government of India including certification of NRCM (National Research Center on Meat).

We work closely with each customer to ensure we meet the diverse expectation of every customer and tailor products to satisfy their specific needs.These products are manufactured under scientific and hygienic manner adhering to MFPI guidlines after conducting antimortem and postmortem examinations by our veterinary doctors. We support only halal method of slaughter to ensure best quality meat.

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NRCM Certified


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